Carving wood requires perseverance, creativity and passion.

This is the education passed down by Giuseppe Quacquarelli to his son Antonio who runs the memorable cabinet work of his family in Andria with great success. Competence, creativity and sake for handmade things are the elements passed down to Antonio by his dad. They drive Antonio towards new aims. The evolution is showed off by the freshness of the new showroom that is not a static showcase but it’s a place where you can taste the achievements by Quacquarelli. Tonnoconte Bed Breakfast Design was born from this idea. It’s real expression of the virtuosity of the artisan. It’s a place of hail where you can admire all the brands of the cabinet work.
Quacquarelli cabinet work was founded 40 years ago. It was born like a simple family run company but today it’s a big company composed by good workers. What makes the difference is the high quality of the processing techniques, innovative solutions and the collaboration with the best designers and technicians.


architectural project: Donato Leonetti & Emanuele Calvi